December 20, 2010

An accident in Pacific County over the weekend is a good reminder to travelers. On Friday, a driver fell asleep 7 miles north of Raymond and the vehicle left Highway 101 and went down a 60 foot embankment before landing on its top. Both the driver and the passenger were transported to the hospital for injuries, the vehicle was totaled, and the driver was cited with Negligent Driving.

 It’s Drowsy Driving Prevention Week®, a National Sleep Foundation public awareness campaign to educate drivers about sleep safety. The AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety released a new study showing that the tragedy of drowsy driving is more pervasive than shown in previous estimates. Their study shows that drowsy driving involves about one in six deadly crashes; one in eight crashes resulting in occupant hospitalization, and one in fourteen crashes in which a vehicle was towed. These percentages are substantially higher than most previous estimates, suggesting that the contribution of drowsy driving to motor vehicle crashes, injuries, and deaths has not been fully appreciated.

 During the holiday traveling season it is important to remember not to overextend yourself while driving. If you begin to feel tired, it is important to pull over. Driving while drowsy is impaired driving, just like driving while intoxicated. You can find more information online at drowsydriving.org.

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