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With it’s tower complete, crews are now working to raise the radome of the Langley Hill Doppler Radar site into place.  The next generation radar will be raised into position by crane and hooked up to the system that will relay detailed information on approaching storms to the National Weather Service.

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The Pacific Northwest has been extremely fortunate eluding the devastating weather and natural disasters which have wreaked havoc worldwide over the past 2-3 years. In the US, extreme cold and record snowfalls were recorded in the Northeast. Flooding continues to impact the South and all along the Mississippi. Currently, the Midwest is being threatened by daily destructive tornadoes. 

Since 1953, there have been 42 Presidential Disaster Declarations in Washington State including flooding, severe storm, earthquake, wildfire and volcano which breaks down to one disaster every 17 months. Grays Harbor County has been named in 8 of the last 9 Presidential Disaster Declarations in Washington State between 2001 and 2011 or one disaster every 15 months. 

Grays Harbor County Emergency Management would like to advise all citizens to become       PRO-ACTIVE and begin preparing for any weather or disaster situation. Essential preparation issues include:

1)       Obtain an All Hazard Weather Radio, program it to the proper frequency and change the batteries in it every time we change the clocks.

2)      Sign up for the Grays Harbor County Notification System You’ll receive a text message, phone call and an e-mail with information about weather or disaster related issues.

3)      Find out where the closest assembly area and shelter is located and practice moving to those areas with your entire family.

4)      All members of your family should have a person to call outside of Grays Harbor County to inform of their situation in the event they are separated from your family during an emergency or weather situation.

5)      Prepare a GO-KIT backpack to keep in your car (1) and at work (2) with:  ** These are minimal amounts **

a)       an AM/FM battery operated portable radio

b)      Flashlight

c)      1- 2 bottles of water for each person and for each pet in the household.

d)      Matches in a waterproof container (plastic bag)

e)      Snack bars for your family and a small plastic bag of food for each pet

f)        A sweatshirt or light jacket for each member

g)      Disposable rain poncho for each member of your family

h)      Hand warmer packets

i)        Package of sanitary wipes

j)        Pocketknife (be aware there may be restrictions for the workplace)

6)      Begin assembling emergency supplies at home to last for a minimum of 3 days in the event a situation occurs where you need to shelter in place.

For more information on becoming PRO-ACTIVE and to sign up for the Grays Harbor County Notification System, please go to the Grays Harbor County Emergency Management website at: or call (360) 249-3911.

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State Track

2A Tournament at Mt Tahomah High School, Tacoma

1A/2B/1B Tournament at Eastern Washington University, Cheney



State Fastpitch

2A Tournament Selah

Aberdeen v. Granite Falls, Friday at noon


1A Tournament Spokane

Hoquiam v. Friday Harbor, Friday at noon

Montesano v. Lakeside, Friday at noon


1B Tournament Yakima

Wishkah Valley v. Garfield, Friday at 1:00

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Entities within Grays Harbor are coming together to assist the workers at Grays Harbor Paper who have lost their jobs in today’s announced closure.  Economic Development Council President Tim Gibbs says “efforts lead by the Pacific Mountain Workforce Development Consortium and Grays Harbor College will be paramount in getting these workers the support they need and back to work as soon as possible”. 

Pac Mtn. Workforce will respond to the closure with a Rapid Response Period.  That effort will include:

-On site assistance to workers
-Placement in new job opportunities
-Counseling for opportunities in workforce and training
-Linkage with Grays Harbor College or other  eligible training provider programs
-Unemployment insuranceHealth Care information

Gibbs added that with “the addition of new jobs presently underway in Grays Harbor we are better positioned to deal with this then we were in the past”.

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Grays Harbor Paper, LLC, announced today the permanent shutdown of the Hoquiam,


Washington facility effective immediately.


Patrick Quigg, President of Grays Harbor Paper (GHP), explained the continued high price of


raw materials, lower than expected sales of high-value products, and accompanying cash flow


considerations are the major factors contributing to the decision to shutdown. In addition, a


recent major refinancing effort undertaken by GHP did not materialize.


For the past eighteen years, GHP has found innovative ways to make quality products and


grow market share in a difficult business environment, while remaining cost competitive. “I


want to acknowledge the continued support of the stakeholders in our community and the


industry, especially our loyal employees, without whom we would not have made it this far,”


said Quigg.


Grays Harbor Paper is a manufacturer of uncoated copy and printing papers, currently


employing 240 people. All of the employees will be affected by the shutdown with the


exception of a small support crew to maintain the facilities and sell all remaining inventory. As


for the company’s physical assets and equipment, Quigg indicated all options would be


considered, including the potential sale of the entire plant to a business that would be capable


of restarting operations.

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Spilled gasoline is thought to have sparked a fire that destroyed a home on the 800-block of West 2nd Street early this morning. Aberdeen Battalion Chief Damon Lilleybridge says the building was fully involved when crews arrived just after midnight. The female occupant and her two children were able to get out of the home, but Lilleybridge says the woman did suffer some injuries. The Red Cross is assisting the family and damage to the home is estimated at $168-thousand.

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In the final hours of the special legislative session, lawmakers in the state House of Representatives passed a two-year state construction budget that will fund construction and repair of several Grays Harbor County projects. The final budget, a compromise that was negotiated with the state Senate, includes funding for a new spray park at Hoquiam’s Central Play Park, as well as for the repair of seawater intrusion and rot inside the historic Lady Washington’s engine room. Additionally, Grays Harbor will receive a $3.6 million loan through the state’s Public Works Trust Fund for construction of a wastewater treatment plant to serve Pacific Beach and Moclips. The project will increase the number sewer connections in the area. 24th District Representative Steve Tharinger says these types of public infrastructure projects provide a high return on investment.

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