June 27, 2011


A meeting of all the Grays Harbor County Department heads is needed to find a way to fill a $600-thousand hole in the 2011 budget. Budget Director Rose Elway informed the commissioners on Monday morning that the county was coming up short in it’s general fund and if action wasn’t taken soon, the county will run the risk of gutting its reserves, possibly taking it as low as $1.2-million. “That’s just crazy. You can’t run that big an organization with such a small reserve”, says Commissioner Mike Wilson.


While the county does have the ability to borrow from other funds to help right the ship, such an act is not good for business and seeking spending reductions is the only responsible way to cut into the deficit. Wilson says that may include a hard look at personnel levels. “You’d be living under a rock to says personnel issues aren’t the highest cost to the county, so certainly they’ll be looked at”, says Wilson.


The county remains optimistic that funds which have yet to arrive on the county books will help fill the gap, but until then the meeting of the department heads is the proactive move to solve the budget crisis.

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