July 27, 2011

The North Aberdeen Bridge will not be renamed in honor of the late Kurt Cobain. The city council voted 10-1 against the resolution on Wednesday night, but did approve naming the piece of land adjacent to the span the Kurt Cobain landing. The vote followed a lengthy debate on the issue that included a public comment against the proposal.

“Is this the legacy we want to leave to our children,” asked Pastor Don Eden?

“We don’t need to strip another part of our history away,” said Aberdeen Museum Director Dan Sears.

“You want to call it Memorial Landing, fine, but leave the bridge alone,” said park creator Tori Kovach.

In addition to the public comment, nearly all the council members, including Second Ward Representative Doug Paling took turns attacking the proposal: “Leave the Young Street Bridge as it is and let old history live with new history”.

In the end, the council not only voted down the bridge renaming, but also an amendment officially renaming the bridge in honor of Alexander Young, for which the bridge may be known, but is not officially named for. Following the vote, the council did choose to name the small area of land next to the bridge for the former Nirvana frontman, once concerns over liability had been eased by City Attorney Eric Nelson. The council action ends a month long debate that started with the Parks Boards recommendation for the name change and continues to show an uneasy relationship between the city and the memory of it’s most famous son.

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