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City of Hoquiam to review signage laws

April 27, 2012

The City of Hoquiam plans to review laws adopted regarding business signage. The laws, adopted in recent years, prohibit the use of signs projecting off of businesses and the use of signs off business premises.

In a release from the city, Hoquiam City Planner Alissa Thurman says the changes are due to a review of the zoning code.

Signs projecting over a public sidewalk will be allowed under the updated ordinance. Thurman states “As the downtown continues to flourish and grow, the projecting sign will be a vital mechanism to allow businesses to advertise.” These signs cannot project over an alley or extend more than 10 feet from the business.

The new rules would also allow businesses to use signage off site with a conditional use agreement. This would allow businesses having on site sales to direct traffic toward their location. The signs would be limited to basic information such as business name and simple directions.

The Hoquiam Planning Commission held a public hearing on the changes has voted to recommend that the changes be approved and adopted by the City Council. These changes are set to be discussed at the May 14th city council meeting

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