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The loud banging noises coming from Cosmo will end soon

June 28, 2012

Robert Buchan of Cosmo Specialty Fibers wants Cosmopolis residents to rest easy following loud noises coming from the mill. Loud banging noises could be heard late last night and multiple times over the past few days, and he says that is being fixed. Buchan says that they have received multiple calls regarding the sound, and doesn’t want residents to worry.

Buchan says that the noises are coming from drum safeties being lifted on the boilers. The safeties lift when excessive steam is built, but after time they wear and release under lower levels of steam. The safeties release and close, but because of the lower pressure limit they close rapidly which creates the banging noise.

A company has been brought in today to adjust the safeties back to their correct levels. Buchan says they should be able to adjust this while the boilers are online, and this will ensure they do not have to restart the boilers and cause additional noise.

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