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UPDATED: Grays Harbor fireworks displays and regulations

June 29, 2012

Fireworks regulations differ between cities throughout Grays Harbor, check with your local fire or police department to be sure the fireworks you purchase are legal to possess and discharge and only purchase legal fireworks. Grays Harbor County follows the state regulations regarding fireworks.

State Regulations

Fireworks sales around the state will begin today and continue until 9pm on July 5th. State Fire Marshal Charles M. Duffy said that this year, 900 retail fireworks stand licenses were issued.  He says that, it’s a good time to remind everyone that, “Personal fireworks require personal responsibility.”

While at home, children should not be able to readily access fireworks in the home. Store your fireworks in a secure location to prohibit access, or purchase the day intended to use the fireworks.

Don’t take any chances Duffy says, “Stay away from high powered illegal explosive devices such as M80’s or homemade device, while the 4th of July happens only once a year, these devices can cause a life altering injury that can last you a lifetime.”

Legal Sale and Discharge Dates

Grays Harbor County

Sales – June 28, 9am to July 5, 9pm
Discharge – June 28 to July 5, 11pm

Sales – July 1st, 11am to July 4th, 11pm
Discharge – July 4th, 8am to 12am (midnight)

Discharge – July 4th, 9am -12am (midnight)

Discharge – July 3rd to July 4th, 9am to 12am (midnight)

Ocean Shores
Discharge – July 2nd to 3rd, 12pm (noon) to 11pm July 4th, 12pm (noon) to
12 am (midnight)

Discharge – July 4th, 9am to 11pm

Public Fireworks Displays

Event: 4th of July “Splash” Fireworks Display
Place: Morrison River Front Park
Date: July 4th
Time: Late evening

Event: Firework Spectacular
Place: Grays Harbor Raceway
Date: July 7th
Time: After the races

Ocean City/Ocean Shores
Event: Fire O’re the Water
Place: Beach Near 2nd Avenue
Date: July 4th
Time: Dusk

Event: Old Fashioned 4th
Place: Firecracker Point
Date: July 4th
Time: Approximately 10:30pm


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Public Fireworks Displays

Fireworks Restrictions by City

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