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The loud banging noises coming from Cosmo will end soon

June 28, 2012 Comments off

Robert Buchan of Cosmo Specialty Fibers wants Cosmopolis residents to rest easy following loud noises coming from the mill. Loud banging noises could be heard late last night and multiple times over the past few days, and he says that is being fixed. Buchan says that they have received multiple calls regarding the sound, and doesn’t want residents to worry.

Buchan says that the noises are coming from drum safeties being lifted on the boilers. The safeties lift when excessive steam is built, but after time they wear and release under lower levels of steam. The safeties release and close, but because of the lower pressure limit they close rapidly which creates the banging noise.

A company has been brought in today to adjust the safeties back to their correct levels. Buchan says they should be able to adjust this while the boilers are online, and this will ensure they do not have to restart the boilers and cause additional noise.

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Ballots sent to military and overseas voters

June 28, 2012 Comments off

The state has sent out more than 50,000 primary election ballots to military and overseas voters from Washington.

The ballots were sent out by last Saturday, in compliance with the federal law that these voters be sent their ballots at least 45 days before Election Day. Some were sent by mail and others were emailed, the secretary of state’s office said Wednesday.

In Grays Harbor, 126 ballots were sent to military & overseas voters. In Pacific County, 96 ballots were sent out.

King County had the most military and overseas voters, with over 12,000 ballots sent out last week, followed by Pierce County, home to Joint Base Lewis McChord, where over 10,000 ballots were sent.

Ballots for the rest of the state’s voters will be mailed out mid-July. The primary election is Aug. 7.

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Fireworks sales begin today statewide

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Fireworks sales around the state will begin today at noon and continue until 9pm on July 5th. State Fire Marshal Charles M. Duffy said that this year, 900 retail fireworks stand licenses were issued. He says that, it’s a good time to remind everyone that, “Personal fireworks require personal responsibility.”

Check with your local fire or police department to be sure the fireworks you purchase are legal to possess and discharge and only purchase legal fireworks.

While at home, children should not be able to readily access fireworks in the home. Store your fireworks in a secure location to prohibit access, or purchase the day intended to use the fireworks.

Don’t take any chances Duffy says, “Stay away from high powered illegal explosive devices such as M80’s or homemade device, while the 4th of July happens only once a year, these devices can cause a life altering injury that can last you a lifetime.”

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Accident at Wynoochee River Bridge causes backup on Highway 12

June 27, 2012 Comments off

The Washington State Patrol says that following too close was the cause of an accident on the Wynoochee River Bridge that caused traffic to back up Wednesday afternoon. Just after 1pm this afternoon a 35 year old Elma woman was traveling towards Central Park when she her 1994 Ford F150 started to run out of fuel. As she began to pull onto the right shoulder, she was struck from the rear by a 1991 Chevrolet Prism driven by a 73 year old Olympia man.

Both drivers, as well as a 65 year old female from Olympia and 26 year old man from Germany were taken to Grays Harbor Community Hospital with non life threatening injuries says WSP Trooper Russ Winger.

A 32 year old male from Chehalis was also in the Prism, but was uninjured. All passengers were wearing their seat belts.

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Accident on SR 101 sends 3 to hospital

June 27, 2012 Comments off

An accident on SR 101 sent 3 to Willapa Harbor Hospital on Wednesday. The Washington State Patrol says that a 29 year old Raymond woman crossed the center line 10 miles north of Raymond just after 9am and struck a vehicle carrying 2 Raymond residents and a 2 year old child.

29 year old Renee Boggs was cited with crossing the center line after her 2000 Toyota Avalon veered right and collided with a C-curb before veering into the left lane and colliding with a 1992 Buick Roadmaster. Boggs was transported to Willapa Harbor Hospital.

The Roadmaster carried 78 year old Ronald Hatfield, 77 year old Genevieve Hatfield, and a 2 year old child. The man and woman were both transported to WHH, the child was not injured. All 4 nvolved were wearing restraints.

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Body identified as 14 year old caught in rip current

June 27, 2012 Comments off

The Grays Harbor Coroners Office has identified the body found on the beach at Ocean Shores on Tuesday as 14 year old Chester Jellesed of Westport.

Jellesed disappeared in the surf at Westport on June 12th. An autopsy conducted on Tuesday concluded that Jellesed died as a result of salt water drowning.

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Multiple fires overnight in Aberdeen

June 27, 2012 Comments off

The Aberdeen Fire Department had a busy night with multiple fires. The first was reported at the Wharton Motel in Central Park just after 11:30. AFD responded in conjunction with Grays Harbor Fire District 2. That fire was contained to a single unit at the motel and is being investigated by Fire District 2.

The second fire of the night was in East Aberdeen in the 1100 block of Randall Street just after 2am on Wednesday. The Hoquiam Fire Department assisted on this fire at a vacant structure being used as storage. The fire was not discovered for some time as the windows and doors had been boarded up, containing the flames.

Responders were able to contain the blaze, but the building as considered a complete loss. Total damage estimated at $30,000. That fire is being investigated.

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