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Citizens key in Aberdeen vehicle prowler arrest

August 31, 2012

Aberdeen Police Department received a call from a concerned citizen on Friday who watched a man try the door handles of every parked car in the area of Rice and Bay Avenue. The witness said the man had gone behind a house in the area.

Aberdeen officers responded to the area to see if they could locate the suspect and residents pointed officers the direction the man was last seen. A man matching the description came running out between two homes in the 1900 block of Pacific and right into the area an Aberdeen Officer was searching. Other officers responded to the location and spoke with the suspicious man.

The man was breathing hard and sweating. When asked why he was in this condition he allegedly told the officers that he was back on drugs, being stupid, and had a warrant for his arrest and did not want to go back to jail. Officers located an arrest warrant for the man for theft third.

During the arrest, officers were contacted by another resident in the neighborhood who told officers that they had watched the run through their backyard and leave a backpack there. When officers investigated they found a backpack that contained some items that a resident said belonged to them and had been taken out of their truck.

The suspect, identified as 26 year old Daniel Peterson, a transient, was arrested and booked for his arrest warrant and a new charge of Vehicle Prowling 2nd degree.

Captain John Green reminds residents that this incident is an excellent example of how powerful people can be in impacting crime in their neighborhood. This very active vehicle prowler would probably not of been located and arrested without the first person calling the police and the other residents in the area assisting the responding officers in locating the suspect and evidence of his crime.

The Aberdeen Police Department wants to use this example to remind all our citizens that is they ever see something that appears suspicious, strange, or out of the ordinary to call and report it. We are much more effective in combating crime and serving the public when people call us.

We would also want to remind everyone to lock their cars. Many thefts occur out of unlocked cars, just as in this case. Please lock your cars and removed any valuable items from your parked cars. If in doubt, take it out.

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