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Cosmopolis says guns are ok, camping without permission is not

October 4, 2012

The City of Cosmopolis allows guns, but does not allow camping. Last night the Cosmopolis City Council passed two ordinances changing their municipal code.

The city repealed part of their code to remove firearms from their definition of dangerous weapons. This change was prompted after the city received a letter from the Second Amendment Foundation of Washington. In the letter, the foundation told the city that their municipal code was outdated and limited rights of citizens from carrying firearms within the city.

The city also passed an ordinance last night to prohibit camping on public property and adding a penalty to the crime. The city updated their code to make it against the law for anyone to park a motor home, trailer, place a tent, or anything on public property to sleep. City Attorney Steven Hyde told KXRO that the change to the law was the added stipulation that such camping is allowed, but only with a written permission slip from the owner.

Anyone camping inside the city without that permission slip, will be charged with a misdemeanor.

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