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A look back at the 1962 Columbus Day Storm

October 8, 2012

Today is Columbus Day, and in 1962 it was a day that will be forever remembered as the largest storm in Washington history as well as it was the strongest non-tropical wind storm ever to hit the lower 48 in American history. Winds over 150 mph hit the Washington and Oregon coasts, and well over 100 mph on the interior of the states.

The storm killed 46 people, injured hundreds, knocked power out to millions, destroyed thousands of homes and buildings, and blew down over 15 billion board feet of timber from the coast to western Montana.

This Friday on the 50th anniversary of the storm we will look back at the day that will live in the memories of residents forever. KXRO is looking for your story. Where were you 50 years ago during the storm? Email kyle@kxro.com with your story and contact information.

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