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Burn ban continues as fire consumes 2 structures over the weekend

October 8, 2012

A burn ban continues across Grays Harbor and Pacific Counties, as well as throughout the state, as unusually dry weather shows no signs of letting up. A lack of measurable rain since July has made homes and businesses susceptible to flames. This is throughout the state and has caused firefighters to continue to battle the large wildfires east of the Cascades and the Powerline 2 fire near Shelton. DNR lands in Washington are under a burn ban scheduled until October 15th, and locally fire departments say that the burn ban is in effect until further notice. Over the weekend, 2 buildings that were left empty were consumed by flames.

On Saturday a fire consumed a vacant home in South Aberdeen at the corner of E Curtis and N Decatur. When firefighters arrived, the home was fully involved. Neighbors say that the home has been vacant for some time and Aberdeen Fire Chief Tom Hubbard told KXRO that children were reported to have been playing in the home recently. Those reports were unconfirmed. The grass and other vegetation had grown surrounding the house as it lay dormant.

Power lines had been cut to the home. Resident Amber Wessel was able to capture a photo of the home just days prior using her cell phone. That photo is below.

Sunday, a building at the corner of Simpson Ave and Jeffries was completely engulfed. What was reported as a small grass fire in the alley quickly spread to the business formerly housing Jeff’s Used Tires and Trohimovich Volvo.

The building has been empty for some time.. Residents say that it was used as storage since the former business left.

Embers fell onto the roof of Duffy’s Restaurant next door, but firefighters were able to douse them before the roof caught fire. Crews were searching the business to make sure no other embers were present.

Professional photographer Julie Rajcich was nearby when she heard “a big “boom” sound.” She said that she could see “a large cloud of black smoke in the sky and a moment later I could see huge flames bursting out of the building.” She told KXRO exclusively that she ran inside to tell her family to call 911 and was one of the first on the scene to photograph the event before firefighters could arrive.

Firefighters Laier and Cline work quickly to connect to the hydrant.
Photo Courtesy Julie Rajcich Designs

Firefighters Gustafson and Cline hurry to put out the flames.
Photo Courtesy Julie Rajcich Designs

Cline continues to put out the flames.
Photo Courtesy Julie Rajcich Designs

Looking to Jefferies Street, the aerial truck puts out the flames from above.
Photo Courtesy Julie Rajcich Designs

House fire at corner of Curtis & Jeffries on Saturday

Vacant home at the corner of Curtis & Jeffries in South Aberdeen on Friday

Photo Courtesy of Amber Wessel

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