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K-9 Enno’s career has come to an end due to cancer

October 12, 2012

It is a sad day in Hoquiam, as Hoquiam Police K-9 Enno’s career has ended by a cancerous tumor, and looks like it will end his life. Enno has been diagnosed with a malignant tumor behind his left eye. It appears to be fairly rapidly growing, causing his left eye to be pushed out. The tumor affects his jaw as well, causing him to yelp each time he yawns or opens his mouth wide. As such, he is now out of service, but not yet retired.

Enno’s handler Sgt. Salstrom said that Enno’s prognosis for long term survival is not promising. He will undergo palliative radiation to hopefully ease his symptoms. This will cause him to lose sight in his left eye. This course of treatment could give him six to nine more months of comfortable life. Sgt. Salstrom said “When the time comes I will have to make the decision to put him to sleep. It’s one of those things that you know is coming at some point but it doesn’t make it any easier when it gets here.”

Hoquiam Police Chief Jeff Myers said that the original plan this week was for Enno to visit with school children to end his career on a high note. “Looking at him now, his eye is literally bulging out of his head from the tumor. It is also impacting his jaw. We felt it would be too hard on Enno to be out in the schools, even though he still walks over to the patrol car in the morning and “wants to go to work”.”

Enno was born in 2003 and has been with Salstrom and has served as an apprehension and narcotics canine with the police force in Hoquiam since 2005.

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