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Someone could be an authentic Firefighter tonight for Halloween, too authentic

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The Grays Harbor Sheriff’s Office is currently investigating a burglary at another local agency. The sheriff’s department received a call that Grays Harbor County Fire District 16 in Copalis Crossing had been being broken into.

Chief Criminal Deputy Steve Shumate says someone entered the station and stole several oxygen tanks and breathing masks, a full set of Fire gear that included a coat, pants, boots, and gloves, a Fire Department radio, and other items.

If you have any information about this burglary, you’re asked to call the Grays Harbor Sheriff’s Office at 360-249-3711.

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Commissioners ask for departments to find 5% budget cut

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The Grays Harbor County Commissioners are sending a letter to the elected officials and department administrators requesting that each department submit a plan for a five percent cut to their 2013 expenditures.

The County Commissioners are hoping to find ways to lower the budget for 2013 and they are asking for plans that would accomplish that result. Commissioner Terry Willis says they are not actually asking for the cut but just looking to see how it would look in each department.

The responses to the requests are due by November 7th.

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Arrest made in local counterfeit $100 bills

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Multiple Grays Harbor police departments received reports of fake $100.00 bills being passed at various businesses throughout the county during the week of October 15th through the 20th. Locations included businesses in Brady, Montesano, and Aberdeen. In Aberdeen, the bills were not found until deposits were made by businesses at local banks.

Through video surveillance, investigators were able to identify two suspects passing these fake bills. One suspect was identified as a 54 year old transient from Rochester. The other suspect was the man’s girlfriend, a 41 year old woman who was also transient. The man turned himself in to investigators over the weekend and admitted to passing the money. His girlfriend is still at large and a warrant has been requested for her arrest.

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Guilty plea for Devon Moore in the shooting death of his father

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Devon Moore pleaded guilty to first degree murder domestic violence while armed with a firearm in the shooting death of his father, Timothy Moore, on November 2, 2010. Moore will be sentenced next month and could face as much as 380 months in prison. “Mr. Moore has agreed to a maximum sentence for first degree murder, plus an additional five years for being armed with a firearm,” said David Burke, Pacific County Prosecutor.

Moore, who had admitted murdering his father, asserted a mental health defense, and the case had to be delayed in order to accommodate his evaluation at Western State Hospital and to address the anticipated testimony of two defense experts who sought to explain Moore’s actions. Burke singled out his deputy, Mark McClain, who “did an exceptional job in working with the Pacific County Sheriff’s Office and in consulting with experts from Western State Hospital.” According to Burke, “this plea means that Moore family finally can put this case behind them and experience a degree of closure.”

Moore, who was 16 years old at the time of the shooting, had gone into his father’s room as he slept and shot him four times in the back of the head. Moore then placed his father into a garbage can, drug him into the bed of a pickup truck and took his body to a remote area in Pacific County where he buried his father in a shallow grave. Woodcutters discovered the remains in early April, 2011. Moore had been missing for five months. Due to the serious nature of the charge, Devon was charged as an adult.

Burke noted that Dr. Ray Hendrickson, and his team from Western State Hospital, “worked under difficult conditions to rebut Moore’s assertion that he suffered from post-traumatic stress disorder.” Burke added that “there was no credible evidence to support the conclusion that Moore suffered from any disorder.” Burke stated that this plea agreement was driven by the family’s desire for finality. “We take a family’s desire for closure to heart and balance their wishes with our community’s need to be protected from a person who would do this terrible act.” “Unfortunately, I have no crystal ball, but I do believe that this plea is in the interests of justice,” Burke added.

Moore’s sentencing hearing will take place November 15 in the Pacific County Superior Court.

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County election results will not be delayed as long as thought

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The Grays Harbor County Commissioners announced that the furlough day that was scheduled for November 9th will be changed for those who will be working on ballot counts.

County Auditor Vern Spatz brought it to attention of the Commissioners that there was a conflict for ballot counting that is set to take place on Friday November 9th and asked for the furlough day of three employees in the Auditor’s Office to be moved to November 30th unless a problem arises with that date.

Because of this change the previously reported delay between the first and second counts will not be an entire week. With the Holiday on the 12th the second count was set to take place the 13th of November.

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Legislators and residents join Harbor Paper for their reopening celebration

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Governor Christine Gregoire, Congressman Norm Dicks, gubernatorial candidate Jay Inslee, Senator Jim Hargrove, Hoquiam Mayor Jack Durney, and Owner Cesar Scolari were just some of the speakers yesterday at the community celebration for the reopening of Harbor Paper.

Hundreds of residents, workers, and local officials joined the speakers for the celebration.

Mayor Durney took time to thank not only those who have got the mill restarted, but those who kept it operational following its closure, saying that they were the reason the mill start was seamless.

Senator Hargrove spoke on the impact many residents felt in early September. He said it was hard to not shed a tear at the first sight of steam returning to the stacks.

When Harbor Paper Owner Cesar Scolari got up to speak, both legislators and the crowd erupted in a standing ovation for the man responsible for financing the reopening. Scolari thanked the workers, and especially CEO John Begley for the work that he has done. In his closing, Scolari reassured the crowd that Harbor Paper has no plans of leaving any time soon. “Paper making paper is what we’re doing, and we’ll do that always”

Governor Gregoire closed the ceremonies, and she spoke of not only the work that the owners, workers, and financiers have done, but of the support that has been shown from the Grays Harbor community, saying that once again “we’re a family”.

Harbor Paper is currently in full production, providing 175 family wage jobs to the community.

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Semi trailer overturns on SR 101 south of Cosmopolis

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The Washington State Patrol says that a 72 year old Issaquah woman was responsible for an accident involving a semi outside of Cosmopolis. The woman was driving her car on SR 107 on Saturday when she merged onto SR 101. A 25 year old Raymond man was driving a semi and trailer south on SR 101 at the intersection. The 72 year old reportedly did not use the merge lane or yield for the truck and trailer.

The semi was able to hit his brakes and avoid a collision, but it caused the truck to spin around in the road and turn its trailer onto the side and eventually come to rest off of the roadway.

There was no contact between the 2 vehicles. The semi was towed from the scene. The woman was cited with Failure to Merge.

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