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Foodball 2012 results

November 13, 2012

Continuing their winning streak, Hoquiam came out ahead this year in the 31st anniversary of the annual Food-Ball competition between Aberdeen and Hoquiam.

This year, the schools combined for a total of 997,594.50 pounds of food. Coming in just under last year’s total of over 1 million pounds of food.

Hoquiam was able to collect 602,119.70 pounds, while Aberdeen raised 395,474.80 pounds.

When broken down into food vs. money totals. Hoquiam collected 6109 pounds of food and $59,601.07 in cash while Aberdeen was able to collect 4740 pounds of food and $39,073.48. That is just under 11 thousand pounds of food and over $98 thousand dollars.

In 2011 Hoquiam brought in a record-setting total of 591,678.78 pounds of food, handily topping Aberdeen’s 414,718.5 total.

Since 1981, when former KDUX employee Jill Bellis started the contest, the schools have held a friendly competition.

Students scoured the area looking for non-perishable food items and cash donations. Each dollar collected was converted into ten pounds of food. All of it sent to the Coastal Harvest Food Distribution Warehouse.

The food is set to be distributed next to the families in Grays Harbor and Pacific County who rely on Coastal Harvest during the year.

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