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Land shark, still a mystery

November 14, 2012

The mystery of how the thresher shark showed up on the Wishkah Road may be a little closer to being solved, according to Northwest Sportsman.

Three weeks ago the carcass ended up at the Long Swamp boat launch, making everyone wonder how it got there.
In their initial examination, Dr. Dayv Lowry, a state fish research scientist, and fish and wildlife biologist Lisa Hillier found that the thresher appeared to be in good physical condition at the time of its death.

Lowry reported “No hook marks and no broken teeth. There is one “possible” hook mark on the upper jaw but it is partially healed and likely from an older encounter with a fisherman. No bullet holes and no other signs of cause of death.”

Following the autopsy of the shark, Lowry compared tickets from a fish-processing facility that provided catch data from the last part of October. One commercial fisherman shows a thresher shark caught that weighed in at 497 pounds. While the shark found in Wishkah was not weighed, I was estimated at 450 to 500 pounds initially.

What may have happened beyond that, nobody knows.

Dr. Dayv Lowry and Lisa Hillier investigate the thresher shark discovered initially at the long swamp boat ramp on Oct. 25. (WDFW)

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