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520 pontoons still in good condition

November 15, 2012

Construction crews recently completed the first concrete superstructure on top of Pontoon W at the east end of Lake Washington to support the new State Route 520 floating bridge deck. The five columns are approximately 55 feet tall and 4 feet in diameter.

During the summer, crews made repairs and modifications to the first pontoon construction cycle in Aberdeen.

John Reilly, chair and representative of the expert review panel, noted, “The condition of the pontoons now on Lake Washington is better than the panel originally observed in Aberdeen now that many cracks have been repaired with either epoxy grout or crystalline sealant.”

In a recent pontoon site visit on Lake Washington, Reilly and the panel saw no significant water coming through the end walls, and no evidence that cracks were weeping, or continuing to weep, in critical locations that they observed within Pontoon U.

The latest jobs report counted 832 jobs directly connected to the pontoon and floating bridge project sites in Aberdeen, Tacoma, Kenmore, Bellevue and Lake Washington.

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