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Aberdeen to send transportation tax to the public

November 15, 2012

A tax for Aberdeen’s Transportation Benefit District will be going to the people. The tax would go to cover transportations project costs such as crack sealing, patching, overlays, and other road improvement projects that may come up within the city.

Former city councilman Paul Fritts came to the city council meeting last night to urge the council members to reconsider the timing of this tax.

Fritts told the council that with other upcoming costs the city, the timing was too much to ask of residents. Despite the recommendation by Fritts at their meeting last night, the council will send this resolution to the people.

Councilmember Tim Alstrom spoke for the passage of the tax, saying that now is the time.

The tax is scheduled to run within the city for 6 years, at which time a vote would be needed to renew.

When the question of extra taxes being sent to low income and the elderly, Alstrom reminded the council, that this is not an overall tax, and that low income households would pay less overall.

The district would impose a sales and use tax of up to thirteen-hundredths of one percent(0.0013) to finance transportation projects. If a resident spends $10 thousand locally, the tax would equal $13.

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