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5 year anniversary of 2007 Storm

December 3, 2012

5 years ago today, the power was out over the majority of Grays Harbor. Wind gusts over 100 mph hit the coast and knocked down trees throughout the area. Massive flooding hit the county after upwards of 20 inches of rain were recorded, and life was at a standstill for over a week in areas.

The windstorm significantly damaged forest lands along the coast from Naselle to north of Hoquiam. Estimates from the Department of Natural Resources show that approximately 17,000 acres of forestland were heavily damaged.

According to Governor Christine Gregoire, damages from the storms may have exceeded a billion dollars.

2 people were recorded to have died following the events of the storm. One Aberdeen man was hit by a falling tree, and a Montesano man died after his oxygen tank failed due to the power outage.

The December 2nd Storm is an event that most Harborites could never forget.

2007 Storm

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