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2 Aberdeen homes burn within hours of each other

December 6, 2012

Crews were on scene at the corner of West 6th and Scammel Wednesday morning for a basement fire. Battalion Chief Troy Palmer said that the owner of the home and her child were able to escape before firefighters responded. Crews were able to get the fire “mostly knocked down” early on in the response. Aberdeen Police officers were on hand to assist with the traffic concerns. Total loss estimated at $80,000.

Crews were still cleaning up that fire when the 2nd call came in.

A 3 story home in the 700 block of 4th St was destroyed just before noon, it is considered a complete loss. 911 reports that a man was forced to jump from a 3rd story window to escape the blaze. Crews from Aberdeen, Hoquiam, and Cosmopolis were called in to assist. When crews arrived they found a woman at the scene suffering from smoke inhalation as well as the man who jumped from a window. Both victims were transported to Grays Harbor Community Hospital.

Power was cut to the home and crews cut holes in the walls to fight the flames. A half hour into battling the blaze, firefighters were able to rescue a small dog that ran out the front door to safety.

A total of 28 firefighters responded to the fire. 2 of those responders sustained minor injuries, neither required hospital care.

Both fires are currently under investigation for their cause.


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