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Van De Wege and Tharinger Show Strong Presence in Olympia

December 12, 2012

Grays Harbor County will be well-represented on House committees in the coming year, with state Reps. Kevin Van De Wege and Steve Tharinger appointed to committees tackling legislation on natural resources, health care reform, and even the state’s tax structure.

Tharinger will continue to serve on the Environment committee, and this year will also be on the Health Care and Wellness committee, as well as the vice chair of the Finance committee.

Tharinger said “During my first term, I pushed to end outdated tax exemptions that don’t benefit our citizens but deprive the state of revenue necessary to fund things like rural hospitals and strong schools”.

Van De Wege was reappointed to the Agriculture and Natural Resources, Health Care and Wellness, and Rules committees. He will also be serving on the Government Operations and Elections committee.

This is the first year that Van De Wege and Tharinger will both serve on the Health Care and Wellness committee.

Van De Wege said. “Many of Grays Harbor’s health rankings have been lower than other areas of the state, and we need to consider how access and affordability of services play a role in that.”

Van De Wege’s membership on the Rules committee is important because it is the committee that decides which legislation – and in what order – will be considered on the House floor. Only bills voted on by the full House have a chance of making it all the way to the governor’s desk to be signed into law.


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