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Crews Reach Dock on Penninsula

December 26, 2012

After being turned back, a team safely reached and inspected a dock suspected to be tsunami debris.

The team was able to inspect the dock and took live samples of potentially invasive species.

They noted extensive damage to the dock, likely due in part to the rough weather and continued battering of the dock on rocks on the beach. They also looked for, but did not find, an identifying plaque like the one found on the dock that washed ashore in Oregon. However, the team located Japanese writing in one of the holds, and photos sent to the Japanese consulate confirm this dock as tsunami debris.

A tracking beacon is now attached to the dock to track its position. No timeframe has been set for removal.

The expedition is the only time this month crews will be physically able to inspect the dock until early January due to tides and daylight access. Crews will resume operations when tides allow safe access.


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