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16 Year Old Changes Plea to Guilty in Death of Jon Favro

January 10, 2013

16 year old accused murderer Teddy Bryan changed his plea from Not Guilty to Guilty in Grays Harbor Superior Court on Thursday, admitting to stabbing 22 year old Jon Favro. Judge Mark McCauley heard from Bryan as he entered a plea agreement in the court.

Bryan says that he intended to assault Favro, and he intended to stab him, but he did not intend to kill him.

Bryan is charged with Murder in the Second Degree for the stabbing of Favro on July 14th of last year. In his plea, Bryan admits to the stabbing, but maintains that he did not intend to kill the 22 year old.

Bryan could face between 123-220 months in prison when he is sentenced in February. The prosecutor in the case has recommended the maximum standard sentence of 220 months for the crime.

The teen is accused of stabbing Favro in Hoquiam after an argument. According to Hoquiam Police, Favro was parked in the 500 Block of 28th Street with the 20 year old girlfriend of the suspect. The 16 year old allegedly struck Favro several times in the face with his fist and then proceeded to stab Favro once in the chest and a second time in the lower thigh.

Favro then drove away at a high rate of speed on 28th Street, before hitting a rock embankment on Bay Avenue. The suspect allegedly chased after the vehicle on foot. Favro fled on foot to the alley between Bay and Pacific Avenues where he died from his injuries.

The 16 year old then returned to his girlfriend’s apartment and allegedly rinsed off the knife and changed his clothing. When officers found the 16 year old Hoquiam boy, he admitted to stabbing Favro.

Throughout the courtroom, the name Favro was printed onto the backs of the friends and family along with the number 54 to honor the former Aberdeen Bobcat. Favro was a 2008 graduate of Aberdeen High School and worked as a corrections officer in Shelton.


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