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Man Demands to See Aberdeen Inmate, Gets Put in Jail With Him

January 10, 2013

Aberdeen Officers did not have to go far to get an arrest this week. Officers were alerted to their own parking lot after a 26 year old Cosmopolis man pulled up in his car and repeatedly hit his horn.

The man was the only person in the car, and was in the area of the parking lot set aside for official vehicles. Officers talked to the man, who said that he needed to talk to an inmate within their jail immediately and that it was an emergency. He named the inmate, but refused to tell officers the reason it was an emergency.

After officers had the man put his car into park, he told officers that he was on “official government business” but declined to tell the officers what the issue was; just that he needed to get the inmate out of the jail so he could talk with him.

The man refused to provide identification or identify himself, although he did tell officers he was armed with a knife.

Officers arrested the 26 year old for Obstructing a Law Enforcement Officer and instead of bringing the inmate out; he was taken into the Aberdeen jail.

Inside the jail, the suspect slipped out of his restraints and the Corrections Officer was forced to apply a Taser. The Aberdeen Fire Department was called to remove the Taser darts and the man was booked without further incident.


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