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Liz Anderson Leaves Grays Harbor PUD

January 18, 2013

After over 5 years with the Grays Harbor PUD, Community and Government Relations Director Liz Anderson will be leaving her position.

Anderson tells KXRO that she has accepted a position with the Washington PUD Association as their Communications and Government Affairs Director. The position, although similar to her work locally, will be on a much larger scale. Instead of working with solely the local PUD, the position will involve working with PUD offices throughout the state.

The plan, according to Anderson, is to officially take the position in early February, although an exact date is not determined.

The Grays Harbor PUD will be putting together a transition plan for how to fill her role.

Anderson said that although her new position will move her job to Olympia, her home will stay local. Anderson said “I will remain a proud PUD ratepayer.”

Anderson was hired at the Grays Harbor PUD in 2007, just prior to the December 2007 storm.


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