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Pertussis Numbers Continue to Grow Statewide

January 22, 2013

Over 4800 cases of pertussis have been recorded during the Washington State whooping cough epidemic.

This was an addition of almost 100 cases in a month. In 2011, only 965 cases were recorded.

372 infants under one year of age were reported as having whooping cough and 72 of them were hospitalized. Of those hospitalized, 56% were three months of age or younger.
As of this week, Grays Harbor and Pacific County have seen no change in the number of cases since December. Grays Harbor has seen 24 cases during the epidemic; Pacific County has only reported only 7 cases.

Only Garfield County has reported no pertussis activity in 2012.

The ongoing whooping cough epidemic in Washington is driving higher demand for vaccine among adults as people protect themselves and their families from pertussis. More adults are getting vaccinated – showing that they’re getting the word that prevention measures like vaccination and staying home when you’re sick help protect those most at-risk.

For more information about the epidemic, visit the Department of Health whooping cough epidemic website at;


Pertussis Jan 2013

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