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Grays Harbor Unemployment Rises to 12.4%

January 23, 2013

Climbing out of the recession has been a slow process for many rural counties in Washington and Grays Harbor and Pacific Counties are no exception.

Once again this month, while Washington’s unemployment rate reached its lowest point in four years in December at 7.6%, Grays Harbor increased our rate almost an entire percentage point to 12.6%. In December of 2011 Grays Harbor unemployment was even higher, at 13.5%.

Grays Harbor is once again has the second highest unemployment in Washington, behind only Ferry County with 13%.

Unemployment rates in Grays Harbor have been in double digits since December 2008. At the highest, we showed 15.7% in January and February 2010. At our lowest, unemployment was 10.4% at the recessions beginning in December 2008.

Lately the figure has been hovering around 13 percent. More often than not, the Harbor has found itself with the highest rate in Western Washington.

Pacific County also increased in December, up to 11.8% from 10.5% in November.


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