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Hoquiam Couple Notices Burglary in Progress

February 1, 2013

Hoquiam Officers were called this week to a home in the 300 block of Karr following a possible burglary in progress.

A Hoquiam couple who live around the corner were walking their dogs when they noticed the crawl space panel appeared to have been kicked in. The home has been vacant for some time.

The couple told officers that they could hear noises coming from underneath the house. While on the phone with 911 they went to the main garage door to look through the windows and saw a man crawling around on the garage floor.

As officers arrived, they looked through the garage door windows to discover a 44-year old Hoquiam man inside the garage hiding behind a desk.

The man complied with officers when he was ordered to the ground. The problem officers found was they discovered they would have to force their way into the home to take him into custody.

The man appeared to have broken into the crawl space under the house and crawled to the attached garage through an access hatch.

Officers ordered the man to crawl back out where he was taken into custody without incident.

Once inside, officers found a bag with tools used by metal thieves to cut wire and other metals for scrap. They also found a box containing miscellaneous cut copper pipe and copper wire.

The suspect, who is a convicted felon, was booked into the county jail for felony residential burglary. Officers are attempting to identify the owner of the home.


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