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Pacific County Marine Debris Volunteers Needed

February 1, 2013

Following the discovery of that 19’ long cylinder in Pacific County, AmeriCorps Member Leanna Reuss, in coordination with the Pacific County Emergency Management Agency and the City of Long Beach, is recruiting volunteers to assist in cleaning Pacific County beaches of tsunami and other marine debris.

Garbage bags and maps of Pacific County beaches along with guidelines regarding different types of debris are available.

The tsunami that hit Japan began to deposit debris on the shores of Washington in early 2012, but debris has been inundating the coast for years. Leanna is encouraging people from all over to participate. From residents to visitors, everyone who is willing to help is welcome.

Even if you are unsure about volunteering, residents and visitors are welcome to ask questions about the clean up or the tsunami.

Leanna can be contacted at Long Beach City Hall through August 15.

For more information about volunteering or to schedule weekend dates in advance, contact Leanna Reuss at 360-642-4482 or emaillreuss@co.pacific.wa.us.


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