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Citizen’s Report Stops Vehicle Theft

February 4, 2013

Aberdeen Officers were sent to the 300 Block of East 2nd Street over the weekend for a possible vehicle prowl in progress. Citizens called and said that “banging noises” could be heard coming from inside the cab of a truck.

The officers saw that the windows were fogged up and a man was sitting in the driver seat with gloves on. The ignition of the truck had been punched and parts of the dash were hanging down.

The man said that he was trying to steal the truck so he could leave the area because he was “looking at 90 months” of jail time for Assault 2nd Degree and Possession of a Weapon.

Officers arrested the suspect for Theft of a Motor Vehicle, Possession of a Dangerous Weapon, a felony arrest warrant for Assault 2nd Domestic Violence and a warrant for Assault 4th/Malicious Mischief 3rd Domestic Violence.

The 26 year old Hoquiam man was transported to the Aberdeen City Jail and booked without incident.

The Aberdeen Police Department said that the report by citizens in this case was key to the prevention of a vehicle theft and the arrest of the suspect on serious charges.


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