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Local Tax and Fire Measures Receive Voter Approval

February 12, 2013

30% of registered voters turned out on Tuesday to approve both Grays Harbor special elections.

61.64% of the 2,234 Aberdeen voters who participated showed their support for a new Transportation District within the city. The district will institute a thirteen-hundredths of one percent (0.0013) sales-and-use tax to finance transportation projects. This will change tax for qualifying sales from 8.4% to 8.53% for the city.

In Hoquiam, 1,451 registered voters approved a levy to fund a new ladder truck for the Hoquiam Fire Department with a 74.36% majority.

A levy for a new truck failed in May 2011, despite a majority. Over 58% supported the $1.1 million levy, although a 60% majority was required.

The new levy will be for a truck costing up to $1.3 million. The previous fire truck was bought in 1979.

Votes will be certified February 26th.

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