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Grays Harbor Marijuana Growers Hope to Assist Statewide

February 13, 2013

Locally based marijuana growers are hoping to assist Washington State in enacting new rules following the approval of I-502.

Calling themselves the Northwest Growers Association, the Hoquiam based cooperative of producers, and supporters of the legal production of marijuana will be holding a meeting this Saturday, February 16th, at the South Shore Mall Community Meeting Room.

First conceived by 2 local growers, the NWGA states that “With over 100 growers, and counting, we are poised to secure a marijuana producers license for the state of Washington.”

They say that the current network of marijuana cultivators within Washington has only been supplying medical cannabis dispensaries statewide and is “ill prepared to face the demands of a recreational market.” The hope of the association is to legally grow enough “quality” cannabis locally to fulfill the needs of the Washington recreational market.

For more information, visit http://northwestgrowersassociation.com


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