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Aberdeen Police Blitz on Small Crimes Bring Large Results

February 22, 2013

The Aberdeen Police Department had an emphasis in downtown Aberdeen, but instead of DUIs or Prostitution, they were cracking down on drivers not watching the road.

Thursday morning, The Aberdeen Police Department conducted a cell phone blitz in the 300 block E. Wishkah for 2 hours. Thursday afternoon, they held a pedestrian blitz for vehicles failing to yield to crossing pedestrians on Heron in East Aberdeen.

In total 36 cars were stopped for a total of 33 violations. This included 14 Failure to Yield, 10 cell phone infractions, 5 insurance violations, 2 for not having a license on them while driving, 1 Seat Belt violation, and 1 for not having a license.

1 person was arrested in the emphasis on a Montesano warrant and 7 were given verbal warnings.

This was only 3 hours of the enforcement blitz.

APD plans on conducting more of these blitzes throughout town in the future.


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