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Hoquiam Fire in Seattle Stair Climb

February 26, 2013

The Hoquiam Fire Department is sending four firefighters to the Firefighter Stair Climb fundraising event in Seattle in March.

President of the local firefighters union Doug Stankavich gave a presentation about the stair climb event that will raise money for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society as over 1,500 firefighters will endure all 69 flights, 1311 steps, and 788 feet of the Columbia Center in Seattle which is the tallest building in the city.

Stankavich will be joined by Brandon Ray, Tyler Newport, and Andy Polmateer. This will be Stankavich’s ninth year and Ray’s sixth.

Last year the Firefighter Stair Climb raised 1.2 million dollars, to donate go to firefighterstairclimb.org and search for the Hoquiam Fire Department or there is also a donation box at the Finance Department at The City of Hoquiam.

Local firefighters participating include;

Cosmopolis Fire
Steve Davis
Jerron Pierson

Grays Harbor Fire District #5
Thomas Hedlund

Grays Harbor Fire District #7
Curt Begley
Cody Martin
Rhonda Minks
Jeff Rowling
Stephanie Selin

Hoquiam Firefighters Local #315
Tyler Newport
Andy Polmateer
Brandon Ray
Doug Stankavich

McCleary Fire Department
Todd Baun
Eric Cohen
Jeffery Geer
Mike Madison
Paul Nott
Andy Rudy
Don Sanders

Ocean Shores Fire
John Garner

Raymond Fire Department
William Ariss
Caitlyn Burbank
Casey Jo Clifton
Raela McVey
Nicholas Patrick


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