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Stabbing in Hoquiam Last Night Sends One to Hospital

March 8, 2013

Last night at around 9:06, Hoquiam officers were dispatched to 2400 Cherry Street for a reported fight which resulted in a stabbing.

A 28-year old Hoquiam man was arrested for assault in the second degree (felony) and booked into the county jail. The victim of the stabbing, a 33-year old Hoquiam man, was transported to Community Hospital by his wife for treatment.

Hoquiam police say a dispute over a $10 debt escalated into a fight in a front yard of a nearby home after the victim demanded repayment from the 25-year old neighbor.

After apparently exchanging text messages, the victim and 25-year old met in the front yard for a physical altercation.  The 25-year old claimed he had been knocked to the ground during the fight, prompting his 28-year old brother to come outside to his brother’s defense.

The 33-year old victim allegedly turned his attention to the 28-year old.  The 28-year old claimed he was punched in the face several times, at which point he was able to retrieve and open a locking folding blade knife from his pants pocket.

The 28-year old claimed he held the knife up in front of his face at which point the 33-year old victim “punched” the knife, causing a puncture wound to the victim’s hand.

However, an officer interviewing the victim at the hospital discovered the 33-year old victim had suffered multiple slash and stab wounds to his back, side, left bicep and a through a through stab to the right hand.  The victim indicated the stab wound was in the palm toward the back of the hand and was as a result of using his hand to block an attack to the victim’s head.

The victim said the knife was still completely embedded in his hand when the victim returned home and removed it.

Officers collected evidence at the scene, including the knife removed by the victim as described.  The victim said he did not realize he had been cut or stabbed until he blocked what he thought was a punch only to find the suspect’s knife embedded in his hand.  The victim did not suffer life-threatening injuries and was treated and released.


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