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Skyline Theater in Shelton Turns to Kickstarter to Update Equipment

March 13, 2013

The Skyline Theater in Shelton is asking the public to help convert the historic drive-in from 35mm film to digital projection through Kickstarter.

The theater said that after purchasing the equipment, having it installed, and having a technician calibrate it, the cost of the upgrade is estimated to be $80,000.00 per drive-in screen. They say that it is a necessity because after 2013, no new 35mm film prints will be made.

Last year, the theater was able to raise almost half of the anticipated $80,000 needed to make the conversion. The goal of their Kickstarter campaign is to raise the remaining $40,000 by Sunday, May 12.

In addition to upgrading the projector their improvement plans include restoring their neon sign as well as including a children’s play area and a small stage for live acts prior to the movies.

Those pledging to the Kickstarter campaign could receive incentives for each level of donation, from free popcorn for a $5 donation to being permanently featured under the screen in their “Circle of Stars” for a $5000 donation.

Opened in 1964, the Skyline is one of just 5 drive-ins still operating in Washington.

Skyline Kickstarter Page


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