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Governor Inslee Announces $170,000 Awarded to Grays Harbor

March 15, 2013

Governor Jay Inslee announced nearly $18 million in grants to create jobs and to lower energy costs for 12 higher education institutions and 37 local governments. This includes $170,000 coming to Grays Harbor.

The immediate goal of the state’s Energy Efficiency Grant program is to stimulate Washington’s economy by creating jobs.

An estimated 543 jobs will be created by this statewide construction spending. The total cost for all the projects is more than $66 million, including more than $48 million in non-state funding.

The long-term goal of the program is to reduce energy costs at the state’s public higher education institutions and local government facilities.

The 2012 Legislature appropriated $20 million to higher education and $18 million to local governments, including a specific set aside of at least 10 percent for small cities or towns. There have been two rounds of awards. The first recipients were announced in August 2012 including $818,000 for Ocosta School District.

The grants were awarded solely for energy and operational cost saving improvements.

Projects for the second round of funding were selected from 60 grant applications requesting a total of more than $23 million.


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