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D&R Receives Special Designation to Continue Operation

March 22, 2013

The D&R Theatre received a designation from the Aberdeen Historic Preservation Commission last night that could help it return to business.

The Historic Preservation Commission approved the D&R’s request for special property tax valuation for a historic building. Owner John Yonich submitted the application for placement of the theatre on the local register in October 2011 with placement on November of that year. He applied for the special valuation in February 2012.

Commission Chair Aaron Nickell said that the special valuation taxation for the D&R theater means that the D&R theater’s property taxes will be calculated, for 10 years, on the assessed value of the building prior to Yonich’s renovation. The assess value prior to the rehabilitation was $1,441, 000.

This is the second special property tax valuation the commission has approved and it was passed unanimously.

City councilman Jeff Cook said that the meeting saw the largest group of visitors ever at an Aberdeen Historic Preservation Review Commission.


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