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Hoquiam Jail Reopens Today

April 1, 2013

The Hoquiam City Jail reopens today on a full time basis. The City of Hoquiam has been working to reopen the facility for over 10 years.

A partnership with the Department of Corrections and the City allows them back into 24/7 staffing.

Hoquiam City Administrator Brian Shay says that this will make Hoquiam even safer.

Senator Jim Hargrove of Hoquiam sponsored a bill implementing a new “Swift and Certain” probation model last year. It is now mandatory for offenders to serve short-term jail time for all probation offenses, with no discretion. All offenders will be met with jail time from 3-30 days on any probation violation.

The partnership allowed DOC offenders to serve that time in Hoquiam since most of the supervised offenders in the county reside in the Aberdeen and Hoquiam area.

Starting today, the jail which would previously only be open for short weekend warrant sweeps will be open full time.


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