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WDFW Find Clam Diggers Breaking Multiple Laws

April 2, 2013

The Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife said a clam digger had well over his limit, as well as broke multiple other laws as well.

While traveling home from a razor clam patrol, Officer Cilk said he was at a stoplight when he noticed that a vehicle in the next lane would not pull up alongside him, even though there was plenty of room to do so.

Further down the road, Officer Cilk noticed that the vehicle’s tabs had expired and he conducted a traffic stop. Inside were two adults and one child, on their way home from clamming.

After addressing the registration issue, Officer Cilk found that the group was more than 90 clams over-limit. Cilk also found that the driver had a protection order with Brady restrictions, restricting him from having firearms. There were two firearms in the vehicle, including one loaded rifle.

Citations were issued for the expired tabs, failure to submit, over-limit razor clams, loaded firearm in a motor vehicle and violation of a protection order.

WDFW Police

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