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Kravetz Trial Moves to Sentencing

April 4, 2013

Steven Kravetz was found Not Guilty of Attempted Murder on Wednesday for the attack at the Grays Harbor County Courthouse a year ago.

Kravetz was found Guilty of First Degree Assault against Grays Harbor Sheriff’s Deputy Polly Davin, Guilty of Disarming a Law Enforcement Officer after taking her gun and Guilty of Second Degree Assault against Judge Edwards.

The sentencing hearing for Kravetz has not been set at this time. Prosecutors are now deciding whether to have that hearing in Lewis County or in Grays Harbor.

Attempted Murder and Assault charges are class A felonies which each carry a maximum penalty of life sentence in prison. Disarming a Law Enforcement Officer is a class B felony and carries a maximum sentence of ten years, or twenty thousand dollars.

Kravetz led police on a manhunt following the courthouse attack and was arrested in Olympia after his mother called police and turned him in.

Prosecutors said that the McCleary man didn’t want to be taken into custody because there was a warrant for his arrest.


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