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New Street Lights in Raymond

April 4, 2013

State highway crews aim to improve the busiest intersections in Raymond this week on US 101. They’re on target to install new flashing yellow arrow signals at two intersections.

Starting yesterday, work continues today by the Washington State Department of Transportation as they will close left turn lanes on 101 to replace existing signals at Fowler Street and the intersection to SR 6.

Nationwide and statewide studies show that installing flashing yellow arrow signals at low-speed intersections reduces congestion and keeps traffic from backing up into the through lanes when the left-turn lane is full. The signals will look and work differently than traditional signals, but drivers will see better traffic flow and less congestion.

“Nothing changes for the red, green and steady yellow arrow that drivers are used to,” said WSDOT traffic engineer Chad Hancock. “The flashing yellow arrow just gives drivers extra notice that they can still turn left, but have to yield to oncoming traffic and pedestrians.”

Flashing arrows already are improving intersections on state highways in Camas, Long Beach, Woodland and Castle Rock. Their success paved the way for future intersections, including these three in Raymond.

The upgrades in Raymond cost approximately $2,000 per intersection and are funded through WSDOT’s low-cost safety enhancement program.


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