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Polson Museum to Show 1920’s Film for Free Tonight

April 4, 2013

Tonight at 7pm, during First Thursday in Hoquiam, the Polson Museum announced they are hosting a free film night.

On the first Thursday of each month from February to May the Polson is hosting a series of casual movie nights which; start at 7pm, are free to the public to watch, and can bring your own snacks and beverages.

In the third film night of the series, they will have a full screening of the 77-minute-long “A Story of West Coast Lumber”.

The silent film was commissioned by the Schafer Bros. Logging Co., circa 1926, that captures that company’s extensive woods, rail, water, and sawmilling activities.

The museum said “It is arguably the most comprehensive film of its era to show what it took to transform a standing old growth tree into finished merchantable product.”

The original films which were saved by Schafer family members, were shot on 16mm and
transferred to digital by the State Archives.

Schafer Bros

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