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Officials Warn of Payday Loan Scam

April 19, 2013

The Washington State Department of Financial Institutions is warning residents of a scam involving fraudulent payday loans.

DFI received a complaint from a resident who said she received multiple phone calls from a man named Robert James who told her that he was either the owner of the company or an attorney representing Nationwide Debt Association collecting on a payday loan.

Initially the caller claimed she owed $420.00, but could settle it for $300.00 by going to Walmart and buying a Greendot Money card which she did and provided to the company.

A few hours later she received another call from the man identifying himself as Robert James claiming she still owed more than $4500.00 on a payday loan, but could settle the debt by paying $3000.00 or they would have she arrested for fraud.

When she refused and hung up, she received a call and was told that the authorities were 10 blocks away coming to arrest her. So she contacted Robert James who said he would agree to $3500.00 which the woman then deposited into a Bank of America account provided by the man.

Then she received another call and was told they owed money on a loan and if they didn’t pay another $3000.00, they would have her arrested.

That’s when she contacted the police and discovered it was a scam and filed a complaint with DFI.

Nationwide Debt Association is not licensed with DFI or registered with the Washington Secretary of State, Department of Revenue or Department of Licensing.


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