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Task Force Makes it Easier to Report Marine Debris

April 22, 2013

The Washington State Marine Debris Task Force is making it easier for beachgoers to report debris to the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife.

The task force recently updated their 1-855-WACOAST hotline, giving callers a new option to report potential invasive species directly to WDFW.

The tip line was updated after the Sai-shou-maru, the 20-foot fishing boat, came ashore in Pacific County in March with several striped beakfish inside.

Dozens of other plant and animal species confirmed to be from Japan have been found on marine debris. Invasive species can pose significant risks if they become established on Washington’s coastline.

Beachgoers who find debris suspected of harboring invasive species can help by taking photographs of the entire debris item with something to show scale, such as a person’s hand, keys, coin or other object as well as noting the location so responders can find the debris later.

WDFW has more information at their aquatic invasive species website.


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