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Grays Harbor Nurse Arrested for Fraudulent Prescriptions

April 29, 2013

A 32 year old Registered Nurse has been arrested for several counts of fraud. The Ocean Shores nurse was booked into the Grays Harbor County Jail and is expected to be formally charged today.

Deputies first received information on Thursday from the Roger Saux Health Clinic in Taholah that fraudulent prescriptions had been used at a pharmacy in Aberdeen. The fraudulent prescriptions were under the name of a Health Clinic physician. That physician explained to deputies that the signature on the prescription was not his, and the man named on the prescription was never a patient. The doctor was able to tell deputies that the name of the man was the husband to one of their nurses.

Deputies learned that a number of fraudulent prescriptions had been filled by the nurse at various pharmacies throughout Grays Harbor during the past several months. Deputies learned that Aberdeen Police had investigated a similar situation when the same woman worked for Grays Harbor Community Hospital earlier this year. That investigation began in February of this year and the nurse quit shortly thereafter. It would appear the nurse started employment with the Health Clinic in Taholah after leaving Grays Harbor Community Hospital. She has since been terminated by the health care clinic in Taholah.

The investigation found that the nurse had stolen blank prescription pads at both the hospital and health clinic, and filled out the prescriptions herself.

Grays Harbor Sheriff Chief Criminal Deputy Steve Shumate says that at this point, it does not appear that her husband was aware of the fraud.


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