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New Aberdeen restaurant pays tribute to Robert Gray

May 7, 2013

221 years ago today, Captain Robert Gray discovered Grays Harbor.

On May 7, 1792, he took his ship, the Columbia Rediviva, known primarily as simply Columbia, into Grays Harbor.

Gray intended to name the area Bullfinch Harbor in honor of one of the owners of the Columbia Rediviva, although his crew called it Gray’s Harbor after their captain.

It is unknown what coastal tribes had called the harbor prior to 1792.

The Rediviva portion of the name, Latin for “revived”, was added later in its life. An homage to the ship, local chef Andy Bickar plans to open the restaurant Rediviva in downtown Aberdeen, in June 2013.

The location formerly holding Mallard’s Bistro had been vacant since owner Niels Tiedt passed away in June of last year.

Bickar had previously served as Executive Chef of the Ocean Crest Resort before that restaurant was destroyed by fire in June of 2011.

You can follow the progress of the new restaurant at facebook.com/redivivarestaurant.


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