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Hoquiam long term inmates being sent to Forks

May 14, 2013

The Hoquiam City Council approved a report on Monday allowing the mayor to sign a jail contract with Forks.

Even though Hoquiam re-opened the city jail in April of this year after 10 years being closed, Councilman Paul McMillan says it is still cheaper to send prisoners with stays longer than 30 days to Forks.

Sending long term prisoners to Forks will also free up more beds for the short term stays that are needed.

Senator Jim Hargrove sponsored a bill last year implementing a new “Swift and Certain” probation model that now makes it mandatory for Department of Correction offenders to serve jail time from 3-30 days for all probation offenses.

The partnership allowed time to be served in Hoquiam since most of the supervised offenders in the county reside in the Aberdeen and Hoquiam area.


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