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“Weapons of Mass Destruction” trucks seen in Ocean Shores

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The 10th Weapons of Mass Destruction Civil Service Team, along with a convoy of vehicles and equipment, were in Ocean Shores this week. The team has been conducting training exercises statewide to better assess how they would respond in the event of a real emergency situation.

There have been no emergency situations or WMD events locally. These teams specifically respond following a major incident.

Captain Joseph Siemandel, the Washington National Guard Public Affairs Officer, told KXRO that the team has finished their training and have checked out of their hotel and returned to their home of operations in Tacoma.

The WMD CST units were established to deploy rapidly to assist local agencies in determining the nature and extent of an attack or incident if it were to occur. These units are formed with both Army National Guard and Air National Guard personnel.

Washington was the home to one of the first 10 CST units nationwide.



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Elma man steals propane tanks and headbutts police car

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Thursday morning around 4:30 am, an alarm was activated at The Warm Company in Elma. An employee responded and found someone had broken in and removed 8 full propane tanks. These tanks were used to run the various forklifts at the facility.

Deputies were called found information that a 29 year old man living in Elma on Rosemary Lane, just south of the company, was responsible for the burglary. Deputies also learned that the man may have forced his estranged 38 year old girlfriend to assist him. Investigators later contacted woman and was told that the man threatened to harm her children if she didn’t assist.

When investigators contacted the 29 year old and arrested him on an unrelated warrant, he appeared to be under the influence of drugs and became hostile. While deputies escorted him to the patrol car, the man head-butted the passenger door of the car causing minor damage.

Deputies obtained a search warrant for the man’s home and located the stolen propane tanks. The man was booked into the Grays Harbor County Jail for Burglary, Theft, and Malicious Mischief to the patrol vehicle.

His estranged girlfriend has since obtained a restraining order against the man. Deputies were also able to verify threats by the estranged boyfriend. At this point, she is not looking at any charges.


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City of Aberdeen downtown cleanup continues

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On Tuesday, the City of Aberdeen will celebrate their first Founder’s Day within the city, and to celebrate they will be continuing their effort to clean downtown.

There will be a city organized cleanup on Tuesday starting at 6 pm. Residents and anyone who wants to assist will meet at Zelasko Park, on F Street between Wishkah and Heron, to begin the cleanup effort.

Aberdeen Mayor Bill Simpson said that crews will be removing weeds and garbage from the alleys between Wishkah and Heron and will remove weeds from Heron Street sidewalks as well.

Anyone is welcome to join, but are encouraged to bring tools and gloves. The City of Aberdeen will be providing garbage bags.

The city has recently put an emphasis on the appearance of their downtown, focusing on neglected buildings and sidewalks.


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Operation Dry Water continues this weekend

June 28, 2013 1 comment

Law enforcement agencies across the state will be participating in an Operation Dry Water emphasis campaign this weekend, looking for people operating boats while under the influence.

The goal of Operation Dry Water is to prevent injury and death in accidents resulting from people consuming alcohol or drugs while operating boats.

According to Washington State Parks Boating Programs, between 2007 and 2013, at least 39 people were killed in boating accidents where alcohol use was a contributing factor.

The emphasis is supported by the Washington State Parks Boating Programs. All 56 states, trusts and territories of the U.S. are expected to participate in the emphasis. Boat operators may be cited if their blood alcohol concentration exceeds the state limit of .08.

According the U.S. Coast Guard’s Boating Safety Division, alcohol can be more dangerous to boaters because boat operators are often less experienced and less confident on the water than on the highway.

Operation Dry Water

Firework sales begin today at noon

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Firework sales begin today at noon, and are set to continue until 9 pm on July 5th.

State Fire Marshal Charles Duffy said that this year 877 retail fireworks stand licenses have been issued. Duffy says that it is a good time to remind everyone that personal fireworks require personal responsibility.”
“Don’t take any chances.” Duffy cautions “Stay away from high powered illegal explosive devices such as M80’s and homemade devices. Remember that although the 4th of July happens only once a year, these devices can cause a life altering injury that can last you a lifetime”.

“Parents should talk to their children before purchasing fireworks” says Duffy, with these as discussion points;

Remember the three B’s of fireworks safety:
• Be Prepared
• Be Safe
• Be Responsible

Statewide sales and discharge period allowed by RCW 70.77.395.
Date Sales Period Discharge Period
June 28 12:00 p.m. to 11:00 p.m. 12:00 p.m. to 11:00 p.m.
June 29 – July 3 9:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m. 9:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m.
July 4 9:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m. 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 a.m.
July 5 9:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. 9:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m.
December 27- 30 12:00 noon to 11:00 p.m. No Discharge
December 31 12:00 noon to 11:00 p.m. 6:00 p.m. to 12:00 midnight
January 1 No Sales 12:00 midnight to 1:00 a.m.

To learn about a community fireworks display near you, visit our website at


Metal theft arrests made near Oakville

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Grays Harbor Sheriff’s deputies this week received a complaint from a citizen that two men were seen in an area near Oakville that they shouldn’t be.

A vehicle was seen parked near South Bank Road and Comfort Corner near the men. Recent problems with thefts and burglaries had residents worried, and deputies responded to the area. They talked with one of the men who said they had ran out of gas and were asking nearby homes if they had any to spare. He said that that the other man was at a nearby home.

Deputies made contact with the other man, at his mother’s residence nearby. The man’s mother was also at the home, along with his girlfriend. When the detective checked all of their names for warrants, he recognized the man as a possible suspect involved with metals thefts. That man was arrested on outstanding warrants.

Deputies learned that the 40 year old man and his 44 year old girlfriend had stolen metal from a Quonset Hut nearby. It was learned that the man’s mother would go to various properties to see what was available to steal and if contacted by property owners or witnesses, would claim that she was lost or disoriented.

The 40 year old man, his 44 year old girlfriend, and the 58 year old mother were all arrested and transported to the Grays Harbor County Jail where they were booked for Theft 1st degree.

Detectives eventually located the owner of the metal that had been stolen. The property owner was not aware of the theft, but said that the Quonset Hut was worth $10,000 and still in its packaging.

The suspects had taken over half of the hut, and received less than $200 for the value of the scrap. The Grays Harbor Sheriff’s Office said that the total loss may be the full value of $10,000 as the owner is not sure the various items can be separately replaced.


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Art Pocklington Central Spray Park opens today

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As the area is set to receive a week of sunshine, the City of Hoquiam is taking this opportunity to unveil their water park.

The spray park at Art Pocklington Central Play Park will open daily beginning today from 10 am until 8 pm.

City Staff, volunteers and contractors have been working steadily over the last three months to finish the park before July.

Recent work includes construction of the Rotary Picnic Shelter which was built thanks to a $10,000 donation by the Hoquiam Rotary Club, as well as new fencing, walkways and landscaping.

New benches donated by the Hoquiam Lions Club, picnic tables, lighting and other enhancements are scheduled to be installed over the next month.

A formal grand opening celebration will be held later this summer to thank all of the volunteers, staff and donors, who contributed approximately $300,000 to make this project a reality.

Spray Park

Aberdeen officer involved in collision

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An Aberdeen Police Officer was involved in a collision on Thursday after a man was driving the wrong direction on Alder.

Officer Rathbun was in a police car and stopped for a red light while on Wishkah at Alder. When the light turned green and he began to enter the intersection, a 2011 Ford F150 was traveling in the wrong direction on Alder.

The driver, a 64 year old man from Westport, struck into the front passenger side of the police car causing serious damage to the front.

Officer Rathbun assisted the other driver who was complaining about chest pain. The Aberdeen Fire Department was called and treated and released the driver at the scene.

Officer Rathbun was checked at Grays Harbor Community Hospital for upper back pain.



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WIC Program set to expire with state shutdown

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Participants in the Women, Infants, and Children, or WIC, Program will soon be unable to use their WIC checks if the state budget impasse doesn’t end by July 1. The WIC program is among many state services at risk of stopping during a temporary government shutdown if the budget deadline isn’t met, but WIC clients could be affected sooner.

Retailers who accept WIC checks when clients buy food are reimbursed by the state. If there is a government shutdown, the state would be unable to reimburse retailers for WIC checks, WIC clinics will close, and WIC stores and farmers market growers will be unable to process checks. So participants who planned to shop next week are urged to use their WIC checks by this weekend, in case there is a shutdown on Monday.

About 195,000 low income state residents take part in the WIC Program each month. Every day, about $472,000 worth of WIC checks are processed in our state.


Aberdeen declares July 2 as Founder’s Day

June 27, 2013 Comments off

Aberdeen Mayor Bill Simpson proclaimed July 2 as Aberdeen’s Founder’s Day at last nights city council meeting.

After the second Public Comment portion of the meeting, Brian Little brought up that July 2 was Sam Benn’s birthday and that there was no record of there being a founder’s day, Councilman Pete Schave made a motion in favor of making July 2 officially Founder’s Day.

After the motion was unanimously supported Mayor Simpson made the proclamation.

Benn and his wife Martha landed at the mouth of the Wishkah River on March 13th, 1868.

Sam Benn

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