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Assistance for special needs Native American children

June 14, 2013

In an effort to ensure the federal government is treating tribal members fairly under the law, Representative Derek Kilmer introduced legislation yesterday to assist special needs Native American children. HR 2332, the Adoption Tax Credit Tribal Parity Act would ensure that parents who adopt Native American children with special needs get the tax relief that Congress intended for them to have.

“This is about helping Native American kids with special needs find a loving home,” said Representative Derek Kilmer.

In 2003, Congress made it easier for families to adopt children with special needs by providing a tax credit. In order to get that support, a state or county child welfare agency must first officially determine that the child is not likely to be adopted without additional financial assistance. However, no provision was included to allow tribal governments to make these determinations.

Kilmer’s bill would authorize Native American tribal governments to determine whether a child qualifies as a “special needs” individual for the purposes of the adoption tax credit.


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